A Conversation: with David O. Taylor

The Psalms have become a source of constant inspiration for me. They have informed my prayer-life far more than any liturgical resource or devotional text out there. Within the Psalms I find the language of praise, adoration, and awe-struck worship; I also find the words for when I need to lament, cry, and yell. The Psalms affirm to me that there is nothing about my life – nothing about me – that cannot be presented to God. Nothing is to be hidden. I can live my life with Jesus open, and unafraid.

Open and unafraid. That is the title to David O. Taylor’s book on the psalms. I was delighted when the formation small-group in my parish chose David’s book to work through. I am excited to begin this journey into the Psalms with them, in only a few short weeks.

On a whim, I decided to contact David to see if he had time to chat. Happily, he agreed. Below is our conversation; I know you will be blessed by David’s insight and passion for the Psalms. (Apologies for the time when the video get’s stuck – just stay with it and it will right itself). Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A Conversation: with David O. Taylor

  1. Helping Christians Overcome Spiritual Discouragement. WOW I had no idea that this was my problem. I have been put out of a Church, bullied by pastors, and made to feel like I can’t be taught or helped which is not true. I just refuse to allow anything to be said to me under the disguise of leadership. I can’t seem to find my place in a fellowship. After reading your blog. wow you described some of the things I was wondering about. So many say it’s my fault and I can’t talk to leaders that way. Obey them that have rule over me. Yada Yada Yada. Hog wash. I am 65 years old and still being taught. I’m not happy with this, so i just stay home.. I need help.


    • Hi Sheila. Oh my heart grieves as I read this. Firstly, I am so sorry that you have experienced bullying pastors. It’s so disheartening. And I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to find a fellowship to belong to. I welcome you here, and invite you to journey with me. I ‘d love to talk with you more so please feel free to reach out whenever you wish. I see that you have followed the blog, and signed up to receive the monthly encouragements. My prayer is that we can uncover the blessings of God together.

      Rev. Kyle.


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