Countless life-long Christians struggle to live out their faith in a deep way.  We are not not talking about new Christians, or marginal Christians. These are seasoned Christian people who sit in the pews week in, and week out.  They serve in ministry; they attend Bible studies or book clubs; they belong to fellowship groups. In many instances they have grown up in the church. Yet secretly they question why their experience of faith does not match the reality they hear proclaimed through sermons, or articulated in books.  This internal question, often unexpressed, leads to years of frustration in their spiritual lives.

Happily, it doesn’t have to be like that. Internal feelings of  frustration, sometimes guilt, over our spiritual progress (or lack thereof) is not something we have to settle for. The experiences of faith – response in prayer, healing, fellowship in the Holy Spirit, hearing God, knowing Jesus – can actually be realized in our lives!  What is more, uncovering this reality is not as difficult or arduous as it may sound.