Me outsideSo here is a little more about me . . . .As the above tag line says, I am a Priest, Writer, and Retreat Chaplain.  I hold a degree in Philosophy from the University of Victoria, A Master of Divinity from Wycliffe College and Seminary, Toronto On, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Spiritual Formation, from Tyndale University and Seminary, Toronto Ontario.  I currently live in Calgary Alberta with my wife and son.

I am the Rector at The Anglican Parish of Holy Cross. (www.holycrosscalgary.org), in the diocese of Calgary. When away from the church, I often find myself attending my son’s bowling competitions, reading books on Spiritual Formation, or living dangerously by doing crossword puzzles in pen.  Oh, I was also a children’s magician for a few years.

My writing focuses on . . .

Besides my weekly sermons, my avenue of writing is as a contributor at “Ministry Matters” – which is the Anglican Church of Canada’s blog forum.  I began writing under the umbrella of ‘Pop Culture’, but over time, as my interest in Spiritual formation grew, my writings naturally began to address deeper matters.   The disciplines of Simplicity, Silence, Prayer, and other formative practices often find their way into my blog posts.  As my doctorate focused on the nature of Christian community . . this is usually a strong emphasis in my writings.

Retreats and Presentations

My own faith took new life when I first started to read some of the classic texts of Christian Spirituality.  The works of Brother Lawrence, St. Francis de Sales, Thomas Kelly, and many others, continually speak of an active intimacy with God – and intimacy that can be maintained in all seasons of life.  I have spent the last several years of my own journey attempting, as best I can, to live in this type of relationship with God, and it is this that I wish to help others discover.  One can indeed practice the presence of God ! It is possible to live a devout and holy life.   During this time, it seemed that more and more people were coming to me to ask for direction in their spiritual lives.  I was also presented with the fabulous opportunity to speak at, and lead, several retreats.  I am always profoundly blessed when people ask me to do this!

More information regarding the specific retreats I would be happy to lead, if given the opportunity, can be found at the RETREAT page.