About Me

Kyle_064I am a priest, an author, and speaker.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, a Masters in Divinity, and a Doctorate in Spiritual Formation. I currently live in Kamloops British Columbia with my wife and son. I am currently the Rector of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Dean of the Territory of the People. When away from the church, I often find myself enjoying some family time, reading books on Spiritual Formation, and living dangerously by doing crossword puzzles in pen.

The Writing . . .

Besides my weekly sermons, I write for various platforms and websites.  In the past two years, I have had over 200 blogs, articles, and devotions published. I am a frequent contributor at “Ministry Matters;” which is the Anglican Church of Canada’s blog forum. I also write articles and devotion for the Companioningcenter.org; Crosswalk.com; RenovareCanada.ca; and Christianity.com. My writing has also appeared at Faith Today Magazine. My writing aims to help life-long, active Christians take the next step in their relationships with Christ. Spiritual disciplines often find their way into my blog posts as I strive to provide helpful tools for people to live their Christian lives. It is always my hope that that my writing inspires you, encourages you, but also challenges you to think about your Christian walk in a new way.

The Speaking . . .

Over the years, I have been blessed to have been invited to speak at retreats and conferences, both in person and on line. I have also had the fortunate experience to interview people about their faith, such as Steve Bell, Wil Hernandez, Sarabeth Caplin, and Shane Claiborne.

My speaking engagements often low out of my love for spiritual formation, and my own experience with Christian growth. My own faith took new life when I first started to read some of the classic texts of Christian Spirituality.  The works of Brother Lawrence, St. Francis de Sales, Thomas Kelly, and many others,  speak of an active intimacy with God – an intimacy that can be maintained in all seasons of our lives.  I have spent the last several years of my own journey attempting, as best I can, to live in this type of relationship with God, and I wish to help others discover this reality as well. One can indeed practice the presence of God ! It is possible to live a devout and holy life.

More information regarding the retreats I have lead can be found at the SPEAKING AND PRESENTATIONS page.