0V5A4712I have been blessed to have lead some wonderful retreats and conferences throughout my ministry.  Below is a brief list of topics that I am often asked to speak on.   These are passions of mine, so I am always happy to offer full retreats, quiet days, or single-session workshops.  As a full retreat, each topic is deigned to be given in 4 or 5 separate sessions.   I am also open to working with any theme or focus that you may have for your retreat.  The first step is conversation!  So please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of me speaking at your next event or retreat.

THE DISCIPLINE OF SILENCE: Being silent in a noisy world.

  • Being Quiet vs. Being Silent.
  • The activity of silence
  • The discipline of silence and the presence of God.
  • Silence amid every-day life

NAVIGATING THE PRAYER-FULL LIFE: From jumping monkeys to restful listening

  • The reason and importance of prayer
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Answered and  ‘unanswered’ prayer.
  • Praying without ceasing – what is it all about?

LIFE WITH GOD: An introduction to spiritual disciplines

  • Understanding the point of disciplines.
  • Important Classifications
  • NOTE: Sessions on individual disciplines are decided in consultation with event coordinator.

CHOOSING SIMPLICITY:  Living like Jesus in a thousand little ways.

  • A basic definition of simplicity.
  • Simplicity in stuff
  • Simplicity in speech
  • Simplicity in self