Speaking and Presentations



One of my passions is to speak to people about their Christian lives. With a doctorate in Spiritual Formation, and near 20 years of pastoral experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and practical insight in how we grow in our relationship with Christ.  If you are having an event at your church, or as part of your ministry, I would be happy to explore how I might be a voice of encouragement and growth.

Below are some of the past events that I have spoken at, and some of video’s of recent interviews.

February 2023: In Conversation with David Morris:  After reading his book “Lost Faith & Wandering Souls: A psychology of Disillusionment, Mourning, and the return of Hope, I knew that I had to speak to the author. David and I have a rich discussion of what goes in spiritual discouragement, why the community of faith matters, and how reading can help guide you through. Check it out! 

July, 2022 :  In Conversation with Rev. Martha Tatarnic.  I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Martha about her new book “Why Gather? The hope and promise of the Church.”  We had a fabulous discussion, which I know will be a blessing to all who watch it.

June, 2022: Moderator for How to Heal our Divides book discussion. Interview with Shane Claiborne. 

February, 2022: Interview with Wil Hernandez, president and founder of The Henri Nouwen Legacy.  This was in preparation for a widely received video series entitled “40 Days with Henri”. 

October, 2021; November 2021; January, 2022: Guest host for The Agape Circle (Phoenix projects). The Agape Circle is a group based in Montreal, Quebec that gathers monthly over topics of spirituality and faith.  Topics included: Spirituality and Mental health; Embodied Spirituality; and Spiritual Discouragement.

March 2021: Guest speaker for the Anglican Christian Women: Calgary.  Topic: the Reason and Role of Spiritual Disciplines in the Christian life.