Go on…take a seat

Tucked in the pages of the Old Testament is a beautiful picture of King David sitting before God. Immediately following his rebuke by the Prophet Nathaniel scripture records that “King David went in and sat before the Lord” (2nd Samuel 7:18). The verse is simple and uncomplicated. It’s easy to miss. Yet the common-place nature of the verse suggests it to be an action that David preformed countless times before. David knew exactly where to go to connect with the Lord. When David felt an inward desire to be in God’s presence, he journeyed to a sacred spot and sat down.

Revisiting a simple faith

Here's the truth of the matter: our life with God is simple.  Simplicity, as defined by Richard Foster, is a “single hearted focus on God and God’s kingdom.”  What this means is that we reach out to Jesus as the very basis of our lives.  This is where we start. Yes, external frameworks can help us, yet they must be secondary to our primary task of simply reaching out to Jesus.

A time to unplug – the discipline of Retreat-taking

The other day my wife introduced me to a new word; Nomophobia.  Nomophobia is the fear of being away from one’s mobile phone.  It is that sense of internal restlessness felt when you find yourself ‘with nothing to do’ and without the comfort of online communication.  I wonder if you have experienced the almost visceral … Continue reading A time to unplug – the discipline of Retreat-taking